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Holistic and Radicle

Mentoring & Facilitation Practice

- meaning the seed root that emerges from an embryo plant

I have a holistic practice exploring the principles of community building and somatic poetics. This is the practice of encouraging participants to use the whole body and all its senses to inspire new and authentic writing that feels truthful to the participant.
The modes and mediums I use in vary from singing, art-making, photography and creative writing with a focus on writing down the bones of a poem. For the practice of planting seeds, we must prepare the soil, i.e the creative space, as a fertile space for earthed, transformative self-expression and learning. 

My promise to you, as a experienced artist, is to

  • encourage complete individuality in style and voice.

  • develop with you a sustainable personalised practice of intuitive flow for imaginative creativity.

  • encourage brave exploration of issues from contemporary & cultural polemics to autobiography memoire.

  • empower the artist participant to engage with the many ways poetry & spoken word serves for well being, cultural expression and artistic outside-the-box exploration.

  • provide performance  techniques for the beginner to advanced poet.


“Zena was consistently guiding me to find my own style of writing and presentation. This felt quite radical and spacious, and gave me a lot of freedom and confidence to write in my own way without getting caught up with a ‘style’ or ‘structure’ that did not belong to my voice or mode of expression. Zena instilled a lot of confidence in my process through our discussions and has been supportive in my arts practice in general by taking a personal approach to mentoring and being an active listener.”
Live Artist and Theatre Maker, Ria Hartley

“Zena is process orientated which enables you to learn key skills instead of just working towards an outcome: you learn step by step but not through passive listening, it’s by doing. This means she not only teaches, she shows you how to teach. At the end of the process, you not only have the skills to think about your work, you have the skills to create the work, you have the language to represent your work and you also walk away with the ability to impart what you have learn.t”
– Poet, Climate Advocate, Mbali Vilakazi (SA)


“I felt that Zena was able to gauge me as an artist and understand my ambitions very quickly. This was really important for me as it allowed my development to move at a faster pace. Us both being on the same page meant that the mentorship was always moving in the right direction.
– UK Hammer and Tongue Nations Slam Champion, Solomon OB

“You supported me by allowing me to truly be free in the creative process and giving me confidence in my own voice. You also provoke me to look more in depth at the themes that I tackle. Writing therefore becomes a process where I discover, learn and grow.You have been supportive by inspiring me to write hard hitting content and giving me access to perform at venues and showcase my work.”
– Young author for Mental Health and Well Being for Young People, Poet and  emerging multi-media Poetry Project developer, Annie Rockson

Facilitation & Mentoring Partnerships

Manchesters Contact Theatre Young Creatives
The Roundhouse, Camden
British Council
Poet in Residence at The Poetry Society –  London
Winnipeg University – Cananda
The Arvon Foundation
Apples and Snakes Poetry Organisation
Mentoring emerging poets for BBC Radio 3, 4 and BBC 1Xtra
Battersea Arts Centre,
The Shizuoka Theatre – Japan
Podim Moaziek  – The Netherlands
The School of English and Drama
Kingston University
3 Faiths Forum
The Barbican
The Albany, Deptford
Voice That Shake

Pop Up Festival of Stories

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