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Music And Poetry


Inspiring hearts and minds Zena's music isn’t merely a form of personal expression; it was a powerful medium for connecting with others and fostering a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of African musical traditions. Her songs touched the hearts of her audience, leaving a lasting impression on those who heard them.

Zena's musical tastes encompass a wide range of genres from classical to jazz, folk to world music, with a special emphasis on the rich and diverse sounds of Africa. This eclectic immersion molds her into a versatile artist with a distinctive musical signature that blended cultural influences.

Hours of practice and dedication on the Kalimba and Mbira Dzavadzimu became the foundation of her musical prowess, and she explores the fusion of traditional African rhythms with traditional East and west African instruments including the Kora and the djembe.

Zena captivates audiences with her evocative voice and crafts soundscapes with loop machines and diverse rhythms. Her performances are a fusion of cultures, inviting listeners to join her on an emotional journey through music that transcends borders and builds a bridge between tradition and the future.


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