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Nature Persists Online - Exploring Nature, Eco-Poetry, and Urban Well-Being

This program offers a diverse menu of workshops, masterclasses, Critique Club discussion groups designed to immerse you in the art of writing about nature, EcoPoetry, the body, and its profound reconnection to the quiet power of nature within the urban environment.

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Growing Our Vision Online

Just like the Nature Persists in-person sessions you are invited to use words as a bridge between the bustling urban landscape and the enduring presence of the natural world. In doing so, you'll discover the resilience of nature and celebrate your place within its ecology.


Key Themes:

1. Nature Persists: Embracing The Cosmology Of Nature for Urban Well-Being

  • Explore the intricate relationship between urban living, stress levels, and our holistic well-being. Uncover how nature can serve as a source of balance and serenity in the midst of city life.

2. City Dwelling, Stress Levels, and 'The Whole Body Is an Ear'

  • Delve into the urban experience and its impact on our physical and mental health. Investigate how heightened sensory awareness can lead to a deeper connection with nature in the urban jungle.

3. Nature Having Space to Be - Trees and Plant Life with Intelligent Systems

  • Examine the remarkable intelligence of trees and plant life thriving in urban environments. Learn how these living organisms adapt and persist amidst the challenges of city living.

4. How Human Nature and Plant Life Persist

  • Discover the parallels between human nature and the resilience of plant life. Through writing and discussion, explore the ways in which we are intrinsically connected to the natural world.

Join us at Nature Persists Online to embark on a journey of self-discovery, creativity, and a deeper connection to the natural world within the urban landscape. Through the power of words and community, you'll gain a newfound appreciation for the resilience of nature and your integral role within it.

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