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Performance Poet


There are empty spaces everywhere and the performer's job is to fill it with story."

Zena's Story

Zena has been a performance poet from the very beginning of her poetry career and is always exploring the craft. With a passion for storytelling, a captivating stage presence, and a voice that resonates with emotion, Zena is a multifaceted artist who has dedicated her life to the world of performance.

Born and raised in London, Zena embarked on her artistic journey at a 23, driven by an innate desire to connect with audiences on a profound level. She honed her skills and nurtured her talent at Middlesex University, where she graduated in Drama, Media and Communication Studies.

"So all that is real, unreal, fictional, imagined, mythical and factual needs a voice. The voice can be discovered or it can discover you."

Recognizing the need to step out from behind the microphone, Zena embarked on a new chapter in her artistic journey and eager to expand her horizons, she sought further training at The London International School for Performing Arts, where she delved into the intricate nuances of the power of storytelling and physical theatre. Here, she developed the ability to seamlessly blend spoken word with movement and expression, setting the stage for her evolution as an artist.

Her new centers works around ancestral remembering and nature's wisdom in the 21st century.

Her dedication led her to the world of musical theatre, where she refined her writing skills at The Theatre Royal Straford East’s musical theatre writing Course. She then went on to write the lyrics for Nitro Theatre’s epic hip-hop and basketball musical Slam Dunk, directed by Benji Reid.

Today, Zena stands as a dynamic and versatile performer, capable of captivating audiences in various capacities. Her commanding presence, whether on stage or in front of a camera, is fueled by an unwavering commitment to her craft.

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