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A Poem - Earth's Blueprint

While thinking about the facilitation for the symbolism of the Earth for the Synergy Slam Workshop Program, I mentioned to the participants how the earth has its own growth and learning process. For a number of years I looked into the energies of crystals and what the fascination with them is and why them seemed to work for me in term, of quieting my body and my mind, when I needed to and enlivening my imagination and nervous system when I was close to shutting down.

Crystal are centuries, often millions of years old. They are rooted up from the earth quickly, often with out ceremony, yet they hold some of the most potent wisdom, as they are the Earth's autobiography. Their resonances have melodies that are in harmony AND with the other the stars and planets in our solar system - for a reason - all for a divine order of things that we as humans have to also find our place in. What can these gem stones teach us?

The Earth has a blueprint.

It has a melody.

It has guardians.


Baby Earth

New and finding the heart of itself

Unsure of purpose

Asking its maker – are you sure?

Find out - is the reply -

You will not be left alone to discover

Turning over and over

In its watery skin

In fiery tantrums

And deep slumbers


a breadcrumb trail appears

pressed under tonnes of time -


an academy of Deva’s spirit scribe, and watch

voice, the journey, of layers

of a story of becoming

White, invisible quartzes sages

obsidian glass - guardians

towers of starless night tourmaline - poised and rugged protectors

Lavender and indigo Amethysts - seers

Iron banded brown, lichen and moss green agates - nature's representative

Petrified tree wisdom - ancestral breath

Golden, sanguine jaspers - body armour

They sing, mouths open caves

Hair, veining, binding rock

Songs we feel in a crystals touch

~ Written by Zena Edwards© ~



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