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Holding The Emanation Of Love. Day 1 #100DOL

I woke up this morning more excited than nervous.

I woke thinking this might just really change me.

I woke up thinking I made a public declaration(!) that I was going to focus on centering Love at the start of each day, for 100 days and observe, no, welcome the resonances of that intention.

I sit at my Ancestor alter everyday to remember & affirm my existence in an historical timeline & in a family bloodline, and in quiet meditation, I asked the question, what is my Love focus of the day?

The answer was to simply sit & emanate the feeling of Love.

I did. And if I'm going to be entirely honest, I was successful for what felt like all of 5 seconds... Hmmm?🤔

I visualised the people I cared about & the feeling of warmth came to me. I visualised the great workshops & performances I'd delivered & the amazing feedback of how people were inspired or uplifted after & felt the glow of how I love my work. But the focus is not on my people or my love for creativity and its healing power.

The focus is Love. The distinction is clear for me.

That's why if I'm going to do this challenge with the integrity with which I set out, I will 'fess up to the feeling lasting just 5 seconds.

I will begin by keeping it simple.

Like a humming bird holding it's center

to feed on the nectar of a flower

1,260 heart beats per minute in full flight

I learn to hold my gaze on what is sweeter

to marvel at blur of wing, sink into Love's sobriety

to try to fathom its power

and fear only the doubt of standing tall

in the full moon face of it

This is not going to be easy but I want to give it my best shot as a human, a woman, a woman of predominantly African Descent (I'll explain later). As a Black woman in the political & psychological & spiritual sense, and as an Artist & community builder.

I love that all these actualities/titles/labels/assignments live within me. Learning to Love them all as an action as well as a state of being has been, and still is, a journey. Not an easy one as I'm sure many of you can testify to as well.

And it is in a self-aware & intentional practice of centered Love for 100 days that I hope to strengthen my ability to hold Love as an emanation for more than 5 seconds.

I've no idea what the resonances will look but I'm excited now 😊


#100DaysofLoveNPeace #100DOL #100DaysofLoveNPeaceChallenge


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