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Working With Nature to Build Biodiverse Cities #PositiveNews

Our last Synergy Slam: SOIL session inspired me to write a new found poem originally around this article where a water sewage company was fined £560,000 for releasing raw sewage into a UK waterway -

Which led me to ask what modern tech is being used to clean these waterways, once teeming with fish and carbon dioxide cleaning capabilities. When I came to his 12 year old article, I ask again - What modern tech is cleaning these water ways

Wetlands are sometimes called nature’s own water purifiers: as dirty water moves through a sprawling marsh, the bacteria that cling to wetland plants, timber, rocks, and other debris consume and process some common water pollutants.

The solutions were available bringing positive news that technology is fast keeping up with the consequences of the negligence of corporate industrial organisations who do not take accountability for industrial pollution, or live up to a climate and environmental responsibility that is required by man-made or Nature's Law.

By creating floating treatment wetlands (which mimic nature's water purifying systems) out of small, human-engineered rafts of vegetation, researchers and entrepreneurs hope to provide these same ecological services to small, polluted bodies of water... BioHaven floating islands are concentrated wetland systems that are essentially biomimicking nature’s wetland effect,” says Bruce Kania, from Floating Island International.
Click Here for more information on what Floating Island International do.

12 years on large scale projects like and Biomatrix Water are producing these Biohavens in cities like Manchester across the Uk

Biomatrix Water is an ecological technology company working primarily in the water sector. Based in Moray, Scotland, we have worked throughout the world providing products and services to meet the growing demand for ecological water technology that is both functional, attractive and sustainable. The founding partners have over twenty years experience in ecological engineering for waterway restoration and wastewater treatment.

On The Edges of Whole: The Waterscapes Watcher

She walked to the edge of the Lake.

Kneels in the amber leaf and mulched waters edge

One eye saddened by another pollution

The other awake for a solution

What can I do now?

Water Watcher, Seagull Seer

Bides her time for the bidding of the Ocean's liquid wisdom, hands resting on knees.

Her whisper skimmed across the water

What can I do?

Rainbow skinned liquid, poisoned, pulsed

Under the gentle pummel of a westward wind

The slick sheet smothered the lake's plant life

Suffocated fish and algae browned, dead under the weight of dense chemicals'

That insidiously sidled along the bed

The water tension thickens till only spade can split it

The ocean called from afar

Above the jarring drill

MoonWater Mother, Seagull Seer

Asked the mourning Star And Sky Mirror to whisper back.

A ripple response. A warbling whirlpool song. A trickle.

All water seeks a centripetal force -

A centering reason to Be

To bring itself together, whether

Salt or sweet

Seeking to Be Whole.

The ones who saw the spill coming spoke of retribution

Compensation from those who moved their mouths

But not their pens fast enough across paper

To sign and seal a promise of protection, that

There would be no other spilling of industry's guts

She, Clay Water Pot and Ritual, is one of the humans

Who walk in waders, sifting the surface with

Muslin nets to capture the toxicity of neglect

Collect the corpses of ancient eel and Bullhead fish

Floating by their thousands, a carpet of dulling silver

A graveyard of faults made from turrets on high

Waging destruction on the Earth

She walks to ocean next.

What's can I do now?

Waterscape Watcher, shading her eyes against the blinding sparkle

Of the Sun's imagination. Ideas ripple atop.

She bides her time for the bidding

Of the Ocean's liquid wisdom, hands resting on her knees.

One golden coin shines brightest.

A beloved bloat of Ocean's, a tidal response:

A manmade island. Floating.

Pickerelweed, Marsh Hibiscus, Water Arum, Narrow-leaved Cattails, Flag Iris:

Waste Washers, Pollutant Pullers; grasping the toxic hum:

Doves with olive leaves between worlds

Biohaven purifyers, underwater forest feathering the lakes belly,

For microbes and fresh water fish to feast and breed

To fix the unbalance so needed.

Buzzing pollinators have returned because paradise islands float

Like the smile on her face

Released from a prison of doubt.

She knows what to do now. - Zena Edwards

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