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Responding To The Climate Emergency With Art: My Contribution To Culture Declares Emergency Launch

On a Tuesday evening, around 9pm, April 2019, I received a phone call from Heather Ackroyd from Ackroyd & Harvey visual arts duo inviting me to lead part of the procession for the Culture Declares Emergency or CDE launch the next morning at 9am.

Culture Declares is a network of individuals, organisations and international and UK-based Hubs, sharing knowledge and practical support to seek justice, work towards regenerative change and provide care through culture, heritage and the arts.

The procession began with Letters To The Earth readings at the beginning of the day.

I was invited to present a poem initially, however I had been singing a remixed version of the classic and powerful song 'Endangered Species' by the legendary jazz vocalist, Dianne Reeves.

I had adapted the lyrics for 'Endangered Species' for a series of creative workshop programs especially designed for my educational and facilitation practice for young people, aged 16 between 25. You can see some of my working practice around some of these themes HERE.

Image Credit: Large left Zena Edwards©. Top right: Dvora Middle: Dvora Right: Frances Mary Moris

The decision to say yes to the invitation, though short notice, was instinctive, and I agreed to meet the procession at the Tate Modern Gallery. It began at Somerset House, crossed Waterloo Bridge to encourage the Southbank Centre, National Theatre, Tate Modern and The Globe to 'declare'.

To find out what it means to 'Declare', CLICK HERE.

Here is my contribution to the day. Thank you, Heather, for the invitation.

~ Zena Edwards ~



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