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Synergy Slam Poets: TREES

I am excited to be creating a workshop series on a subject close to my heart: TREES!

For the last year or so I have been devising a environment and ecologically aware workshop program to celebrate the synergy between the urban natural world and human beings living in big town and cities.


I'm doing with with my project Nature Persists in partnership with Apples and Snakes Poetry.

Nature Persists is a poetry and empathetic embodiment driven creative project whose ethos you can read about in this blog.

Apples and Snakes Poetry is a trailblazing poetry organisation which has been supporting poets and spoken word artists for 40 years!


The workshop program will be hosted on Poets Built It Online Community platform. "PBI is a dedicated space for new and established Poets, Spoken Word & Live Literature Artists internationally, to share the common experience of becoming and being a poet".

The Poetry Film Competition that goes along side
this is open to all ages.

"Synergy Slam is an online and in-person poetry, performance and film competition where anyone can creatively respond to some of the world's most pressing eco-issues."

I hope you can join me!

~Zena ~



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