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Are you a Poet , Spoken Word or Live Literature Artist or looking to amp up the drama in your poems and bring it out in your performance? 

Have you got a poem or spoken word piece that reads well, but does have the pop your looking for?

These are the kinds of questions me and Anthony Shrubsall ,the director of 'Security' my first one woman show,  would ask poets  and spoken word artists who attended our workshop masterclass. THE POETIC DRAMATIC IN PERFORMANCE masterclass workshop is for poets, spoken word artists and those who want to exploring drama in poetic writing. Originally designed for poets and spoken word artists who want to work with directors. It is now open to theatre directors who want to work with them in return. The ethos behind the masterclasses reason for being is reciprocity.

Participants will explore the technique of ‘Flowcess’. This is when we emphasise free flow in the creative process and find the authentic life and hidden character in your work.

Learn new tools that can be applied to your creative process that manifest in your spoken word performance.

What a theatre director can do for the poet and spoken word artist. Identify the potential and possibilities within the writer who is also the performer. This is the director's primary concern. Your capabilities as a performer  even with no previous training considered as well as your cultural background and what that brings to the performance potential.

What the writer does.

The writer has all the knowledge about why this poem or extended poetic script exists. A big part of their job is to keep the director up to date with any foundational shifts in the poems reason for being. For example, a large cut, edit or tiny addition of words to a poem can completely alter the direction a piece can flow. Learn precision focus un your writing.

What the performer can expect

The performer (who is you, the writer) is the most vulnerable component in this process, as the performer is the part of you everyone will see on stage. The performer has to trust the writer (who is still you!) and the director; trust that they will empower you and keep you safe on stage, by making sure you show the strength in your writing AND your performance.

The writer, performer and director: it takes all three to make a poetic piece shine, and pop with colour and excitement to keep the audience engaged.

Expressions Of Interest

If you are a poet or spoken word artists who attending one of these masterclass workshops, it is a necessary requirement to bring a piece of your own poetry up to 10 minutes long, and that you would like to share in a friendly environment.

If you are a director or a live literature artist, bring a piece of poetry or poetic prose that your are familiar with. Wear comfortable clothing.

Is this something you might be interested in? Fill in the form below for expressions of interest. Please put in the subject title, ‘The Poetic Dramatic In Performance”.

~ Zena ~



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