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To Dystopia And Back Again - a masterclass program for writing ecopoetry & urban well-being

It's been a long time coming and I am finally pleased to launch this program of budding nd professional writers and lovers of poetry, spoken word and live literature. My experience as a environmentally aware writer and performance poet has brought me to a stage in my personal life and career where I could not keep to myself what I had learned. In my 27 year career as a poet in London who has worked in cities all over the world - from Zanzibar to Chicago - I have seen people collaborating with nature and wild life and it's now my turn to take a deeper look a what I have learned growing up in the city of London a performing and delivering in-person workshops across cities in the UK.

And Back Again is menu of online and in-person creative writing sessions that can be booked as one full program. The great thing is would to offer is for those who would just like to attend one part of this program, you can book the webinar, the online masterclass and join the Crit Club for a continued reflection process on your writing about your environment, green issues of concern and urban well-being.

For the Full Program

For the Webinar

For the Online Masterclass

This is Part of the Nature Persists Initiative and is hosted on the Poets Built It Online Community.


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