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About The Synergy Slam 

Synergy Slam Poetry Programs are at their core about enjoyment, knowledge sharing and the resulting well-being through creativity and connection with others.

Whether you are a poet or have a keen interest in writing poetry, explore the relationship poets have with their craft,  with nature, the environment, and the Earth's climate and ecology.

With other like-minded writer’s, Synergy Slam  creates  and holds space to incubate writing and spoken word skills to capture the essence of nature's ability to survive and thrive and in busy urban areas, reminding us of our own connection to the environment.

Unlock Your Creative Potential: Learn to craft vivid, emotive poems that resonate with your unique voice and craft verses that capture the clash of cityscapes against the persistent forces of nature.

Greening the Grey: Learn about the significance of green spaces within urban environments, and use your poetry to advocate for their preservation.

Connect with a Community: Join a passionate group of poets, writers, and performers who share your love for spoken word, the environment and well being.

Poetry Writing Workshops: Hone your skills in crafting compelling narratives and powerful metaphors.

Master Performance: Develop stage presence, delivery, and confidence to leave a lasting impact.

Performance Techniques: Explore vocal dynamics, body language, and the art of engaging an audience.

Get Slam Performance Ready: Receive peer feedback and one-on-one coaching sessions to fine-tune your piece, making it slam-ready.

Inclusivity: We embrace diversity and welcome all voices. Your unique background and  perspective on the urban nature experience is a vital part of the story of nature persisting.


Synergy Slam: The Events

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Synergy Slam Up and Coming Events


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Nature Persists Poetry

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