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The Full Story

A Poet's Background In Drama & Theatre-Making

This page is dedicated to all the poetic lives I have lived in my 30 year career as a poet who has performed words as a means of survival, as well as expression. There are actually no words to express how exhilarating the feeling is to be entirely embodied in the poem in the moment. It takes work, but it also takes a commitment pulled from the depth of a sense of purpose of 'Yes. this is what I am supposed to be doing.'

I thank all the people who have been with me on this journey, those who have inspired me and let me be myself in the exploration of the word written, and written especially  to be performed.



A comical and moving tale about four extraordinary people with stories of resilience and evolution.  A fusion of performance poetry, hip hop theatre, movement and song.
Born 2006
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The Poetic Dramatic In Performance

A masterclass workshop series for Poets, Spoken Word and Live Literature Artists, and those who want to exploring drama in poetic writing. Originally designed for poets and spoken word artists who want to work with directors. It is now open to theatre directors who want to work with them in return.
The ethos behind these masterclass workshop reasons for being is reciprocity.
Born 2010

Travelling Light

A one woman show and autobiographical rite of passage into womanhood with a workshop series exploring the power of feminine energy in the 21st century.
Born 2010
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Zena Edwards Travelling Light Archive image.png
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The Fury Project 

Born the reflective findings of 'travelling Light' The Fury Project is an  interdisciplinary arts and digital exploration of the emotion of anger, seeking to  tell stories that carve paths to justice, transformation and empowerment.  It deconstructs the ancient Greek mythological tale of "The Three Furies" and reconstructs it for 21st century notions of Womanhood.
Born 2012
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