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And Back Again: Writing EcoPoetry

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

From the Pastoral To Dystopia and Back Again. That was the title of an online workshop I devised and facilitated in May this year for Poet in The City. I had envisaged the session be a journey of three parts talking to the virtues of the eclogues of Virgil, to the grinding imagery of Little Lead Soldiers by Giannina Braschi and was partially devastated to have the host say 'we're coming to the end....' I hadn't reached the end of the second part which is? Yes, in the middle of the 'Dystopia'.

I haven't been able to stop thinking about the 'And Back Again' creative exercises I had in planned and being dedicated to the creating counter-narratives to the mainstream, created a 3-part poetry writing program entitled ''And Back Again". It is an in-person and online webinar and masterclass starting on the Thursday 21st September.

"And Back Again" Webinar and Workshop Program

explores ways to balance eco-awareness and a confident reflective approach to writing EcoPoetry.

Participants will write poetry about the relationship humans have with nature while future-thinking the human condition to support realistic ideas around environmental responsibility.

"What can I do?" is a big question in the climate and environmental conversation. The aim of 'And Back Again' is to unpack what it really means to ask this question using the craft of poetry and the medium of 'embodiment' to help encourage the individual and the collective through the climate crisis phenomena.

As a writer in love with nature and whose purpose for writing about environmental issues is evolving, I'm continue writing around this theme in a series of blogs I call "Nature Persists". As the Earth and Nature does. As we can learn to do. Take a look at a snapshot a biography of some of the poetry and climate and environmental projects I have worked on here.



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