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Walking With Amal in Trondheim

Updated: Apr 11

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In 2023, I was asked to walk with Little Amal in Trondheim, Norway. I felt an immediate affiliation with her story - a 10 year old girl, a Syrian refugee, who has lost her mother. After meeting one of her guardians, the director of her search, I knew it would be ok for me to tell my story too.

Our Story - Inspired by Little Amal

I see you Amal

Your undying hope

A blanket of love and belonging

Waits for you

It is the right size for your shoulders

With all your favourite colours


It smells like your mother’s sweet bread breath

Some scents we never forget

Because they remind us of home


My mother would tell me

How she would smell sugar dumplings frying

And grandfather singing hymns

On a drizzly grey Sundays in a simple house they made home

In deep north London in 1961


 Amal, can I tell you this story?

Of a Caribbean migrant settler family of two

“It’s just me and you,” he would tell her


Your eyes remind me of

A photo of his daughter

when she was just about your age

Bright and wise, looking for something lost

And knowing a little too much, maybe


You see I am the daughter of that daughter

Brought to a strange land by her father

Leaving her mother behind


Sometimes my mother missed her mother

like you miss yours

One day she awoke a mystery to herself

No longer a child

And you, like me, will surprisingly be

just a little closer to being a young woman,

Whose voice can change the shape of the world

Believe you have a voice of your own

Even though your mother is gone

But don’t give up searching

Trust your song will find her in the nosiest rooms

~ written by Zena Edwards© ~



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